Sentry PC everything you need to know

Sentry PC is a software that is completely on the cloud and as a result of this will have very good security. Sentry PC allows for monitoring other users whether that be a manager monitoring the other user’s activities or a guardian wanting to monitor what their child does for example if they are reluctant to leave their desktop while playing games a parent can adjust the allowed time the child can have. So for businesses and parents, it is an effective tool. Another thing Sentry PC can do is control how much time the other users can use their device.

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Sentry PC

#1 Very Easy Interface to use

Sentry PC has a very easy and clean interface to scroll through so beginners will have no problem using the software. Businesses won’t have a hard time reading data.

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Sentry PC

#2 Very Detailed

Sentry PC has a great number of advanced analytics which will give you lots of information to act accordingly.

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SentryPC has remote accsess to the cloud

#3 Remote access to the cloud

With SentryPC you can use the cloud to its full effectiveness. You can access the cloud from anywhere and at any time. It also gives updates in real-time so you can get the data without having to wait. There is a huge level of detail in the data you receive as you can see what applications are being used. You can also manage the time or use access control as you see fit. Any updates you make will also be done in real-time. Like most devices, there is the option of two-factor authentication. What users do on the devices will also be recorded like applications used for uploads and downloads.

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SentryPC can monitor activitys

#4 Activity Monitoring

Carrying on from our previous point SentryPC can monitor the activity of personal computers. Every violation of the content that has been filtered will be notified to you like certain websites etc. You will also be able to see if the user is active or away from the keyboard when using an application. While you can’t hear the actual conversation and for good reason (that would be against the law) SentryPC can record the time date and phone number of calls and can see if it is a call coming in or an outgoing call. It can log the activity of files very well. Another feature that it has is the ability to track search history. You can also get a lot of charts and data every week that detail websites used time spent etc.

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Sentry PC has content filtering

#5 Content Filtering

SentryPC is very good at content filtering due to its advanced code. You can be alerted of certain activity by a keyword or a certain phrase. SentryPC allows you to manage the use of certain applications at certain times if you so desire. SentryPC also allows for disabling certain activities like web browsing for example. Certain URLs can also be blocked or restricted if you please. Click Here

Sentry PC has geolocation

#6 Geolocation

The wonderful Sentry PC’s most impactful feature is (in my opinion at least) geolocation. What geolocation does interchange where the user’s current location with awareness of the user’s proximity to locations that the user might find interesting and intriguing?

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Sentry PC

Different Plans

SentryPC has lots of different plans

Basic Plan all the way to Business 1000.

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Sentry PC conclusion


To conclude SentryPC is a fantastic software that every business or parent must buy.

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