Virtual reality (VR) has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and adoption in recent years. This immersive technology has found applications across various industries, from gaming and entertainment to education, healthcare, and even workplace training. The demand for VR experiences has driven significant advancements in hardware and software, making it more accessible to a broader audience. This surge in interest and development is reshaping how we interact with digital environments, promising a future where virtual reality plays a pivotal role in numerous facets of our daily lives.

Key Facts Gathered From The Statistics

  • 39 Percent of large companies use AR/VR to train their employees in a simulated environment
  • VR Video Gaming Yearly Revenues are expected to be 2.4 Billion Dollars in 2024
  • By 2024, more than 34 million VR headsets will be in use

General Statistics

1 55 Percent of VR users are happy or extremely happy with Virtual Reality (AR Insider)

Virtual Reality brings lots of entertainment to the people who use it and they will be entertained by what they are seeing.

2 7/10 VR Users have used VR Devices for Video Games (Enterprise Apps Today)

Video Games are one of the most fun hobbies that exists in this current world. Video Games are already immersive as is virtual reality. 3.09 Billion people play video games in this world (ExplodingTopics) this would make sense as to why most VR users are Video Gamers.

3 97 Percent of students are interested in Taking Virtual Reality Classes (News Trail)

The generation that uses the most technology out of any other wants to take Virtual Reality Classes no what a surprise.

4 14% of VR startups have increased for small and medium enterprises in less than a year (XR Today)

Vr can bring tools like artificial intelligence which can help automate workflow and can be a great asset to your business.

5 39% of Large Companies use AR/VR to train their employees in a simulated environment (ChaosTheoryGames)

This is very good for minimizing the risk of training employees and they can be more experienced when they start the task.

VR which is Virtual Reality

Market Statistics

1 VR Video Gaming Yearly Revenues are expected to be 2.4 Billion Dollars in 2024 (Finances Online)

Video Gaming as I have said is the most common use for virtual reality so it’s expected that there is a lot of money spent on it.

2 The Virtual Reality Market Size in 2023 is 15.8 Billion Dollars (Statista)

There is a lot of money in virtual reality, which is expected to continue rising for a long time.

3 The Global VR Market is Expected to Increase by over 150 percent in 2029 (G2)

Virtual reality will become more common in ordinary folks’ daily jobs that they go, from the way the future is shaping out.

4 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality could deliver 1.4 Trillion British Pounds (Approximately 1.7 Billion Dollars) to the economy by 2030 (PwC)

Virtual Reality will be used much more to help with jobs shortly with the potential to help productivity for over 23 million jobs in the world.

5 The VR gaming market is expected to reach $53.44 billion in 2028, up from $7.92 billion in 2021. (G2)

A huge leap in revenue for the gaming industry. You can expect companies like Microsoft and Sony to not completely ditch standard console gaming and that may exist for over 50 years and beyond but they will put more emphasis on Virtual Reality in the future I believe.

Virtual Reality Statistics Animated Image

Virtual Reality User Statistics

1 171 Million People use Virtual Reality Technology Globally (G2)

That is less than 3 percent of people in the entire world which is a very low amount.

2 70.8 Million Virtual Reality Users are in the United States which is 41 percent of Virtual Reality Users in the world (G2)

The United States is the most influential country in the world and are technology powerhouse so it isn’t a surprise to see lots of Virtual Reality being used in the States.

3 More than 30 Gen Z and millennial consumers have tried VR compared to 26% of Gen X and 13% of Boomers.  (G2)

No one should be surprised by this.

4 57% of VR or AR device owners are male, while 43% are female. (Zippia)

I find this to be expected since 55% of gamers worldwide are male and 45% of gamers are female. (Explodingtopics)

5 25- to 34-year-olds account for 23% of VR/AR device users (Zippia)

Virtual Reality getting used by people

Virtual Reality Market Leaders

1 Meta holds 90% of the VR headset market (G2)

Talk about a monopoly. The VR products from Meta are the most popular VR headsets in the world. Meta Quest 2 is an extremely popular VR headset. Other VR headsets from Meta are the Meta Quest Pro and the newly released Meta Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3

Virtual Reality Adoption Statistics

1 26% of teenagers own a VR Device (G2)

That’s a little bit more than 1 in 4 people owning a virtual reality device. Virtual Reality will attract the younger people more than the elderly.

2 35% of VR users expect to increase how much they are spending on VR in the next 6 months (G2)

This is very good news for companies who make virtual reality headsets.

3 66% of users say VR content needs to provide something they can’t get from traditional films, TV, or games to be worth the upfront investment. (G2)

Virtual Reality to most people seems like an unnecessary purchase as they can get what Virtual Reality offers in other forms in their words.

4 Head-mounted displays (HMD) accounted for 60% of revenue from VR devices in 2021. (G2)

Not surprised.

5 By 2024, more than 34 million VR headsets will be in use. (G2)

That is expected to keep on rising in 2025, 2026 and 2027.

Augmented Reality which is very similar to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Usage Statistics

1 3/10 People bought Virtual Reality to see what the hype is about (G2)

That is interesting.

2 88% of people who own a VR headset use it multiple times every month, with 60% using it more than once a week. (G2)

Virtual Reality is very good at keeping its customers engaged and they will continue using it often which is another reason why virtual reality is so good.

3 42% of VR device owners have used the device to watch films or TV. (G2)

This must be a very fun experience for them watching films and television in their Virtual Reality Headset.

4 4/10 of consumers say a horror experience in VR would be too scary (G2)

Fair enough.

5 Only 13% of consumers say they’d be open to spending more than an hour in a VR headset without taking a break. (G2)

Virtual Reality
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Some Facts about Virtual Reality In the United Kingdom

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